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Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible

Martin Schöckl is a visionary artist from Austria who dedicated his art to unexplored and indefinite dimension of the world. His creations are born from the precise cultural background of the Vienesse School of Phantastic Realism. He tries to present the fairytale world, the dreamlike and the fantasy that is inherent in people. His art speaks of a distant astral world in which heavenly bodies and human existence communicate with one another. martin induces a specific vision of art: a visionary spectrum that pervades the physical world and presents a transitional view of consciousness, including spiritual mystical themes. Before his art, all of us newborns are ready to discover a world dominated by abstract laws, where there are no rules of gravity to be followed.

Über mich



Into a disarray - graphite on paper          80cm x 60cm 2016

psychosis - graphite on paper 30cm x 40cm 2017

alien experiment- graphite powder and pen on bord 20cm x 20cm 2018

Soul hike - graphite powder and pen on claybord          30cm x 40cm 2018


fractal spiral- graphite on claybord 50cm x 70cm 2020


lucid dreaming- powdered graphite

and pen on paper 47cm x 67cm


a gift- graphite drawing 30cm x 40cm 2017

the different- graphite on aquarelle paper din A3 2020



the wizard - flemish tempera and oil on canvas 25cm x 30 cm 2016

between live and death- flemish tempera and oil on panel       30cm x 40cm 2016

A dreamer from the parallel - flemish tempera and oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm 2016

a little space- oil on wood 24cm x 30cm 2018

Astral Traveler- casein, egg tempera and oil on claybord 30cm x 40cm 2020

connectedness- casein and oil on claybord 40cm x 50cm 2020

dimension traveler- powdered graphite, tempera grassa, flemish tempera and oil on claybord 50cm x 70cm 2021

soul portrait- casein and oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm 2021

digital art

robotic universe - digital art 2022

a vision from other dimension- digital art  2022

network- digital art 2022

fractal town- digital art 2022

in the cave- digital art 2022

death star- digital art 2022

in the fog- digital art 2022

journey to the divine- digital art 2022

into the blue- digital art 2022

alien artefact- digital art 2022

roboto butterfly- digital art 2022



2016        a legacy of light     gloggnitz austria

2019        austrians biggest street gallery    leobersdorf austria

2020        toronto visionary art exhibit        toronto canada

2021        kromatic art exhibition       milan italy

2021        award Dante Alighieri international prize
2021        we contemporary  musa international vienna

2021- 2022  toronto visionary art exhibit

2021        sacrifice exhibition milan italy and fuerteventura spain

2022        sacred realms  usa
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all painting,drawings and digital paintings are available. 

for more artworks please visit my instagram or facebook page.

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